Project Description

“Real unrealities” are made while a Residence ore Guest Professor in: Mozambique, South Africa, China, Canada, Italy …, “Life Collages” in my native country Austria (Vienna). Applied on Wood, Glass, drawing an hand made Paper.
Initial materials are images from my residency areas, as well as medium format and large format negatives from my archive, which represent my past. For this Series I use analogue handicraft methods and a self-developed printing / drawing process. On the basic of that, my Photo-images become collage-like, and they are creating a new poetic imagery. Each work presents itself as a point of a touch, which for the viewer is often located in unimaginable and hidden spheres.
In this way „unreal realities“ emerge, which resemble the vague traces of remembrance in our memory more than the so called reality. They lead us to new memories or at least to dreams. Whatever the final image tries to manifest is just a fragment of possibilities – in reality it is always a little bit more. It is everything we project into it.